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Hosa is a name you can trust for professional lasting quality and total connectivity.
Featuring cables and adapters that come with a lifetime guarantee, the Hosa line ensures durability and the highest quality value in the field. Established in 1984, Hosa has been the go-to brand for connecting guitars, microphones, audio & video workstations, home entertainment systems, portable devices, and more.

A family-owned business committed to creating connectivity solutions, Hosa connects people, music and media. Discover unmatched product selections of Hosa products offering multiple connector options, various cord lengths, and customizable builds. Find the perfect connections that suit your customer’s needs.

– Hosa’s Got You Covered!



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Hosa Cord

Hosa Superior Quality USB Cables

Professional Quality 1/4" and XLR Cables

Complete Live Performance Cables

Hosa AES-805Y

Hosa AES-805Y


Hosa Keyboard Stand

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